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Our Story

Mortensen Woodwork is a second generation, family owned, architectural woodwork manufacturer located in Union City, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta. The company was founded by Fred Mortensen, Sr. in 1946 when he immigrated to the United States from Denmark. With him he brought old world European craftsmanship. Then known as Mortensen Furniture, Mr. Mortensen took one-of-a-kind custom furniture pieces and carefully and lovingly crafted them by hand. Mr. Mortensen worked in both the commercial and residential industries and became known in metro Atlanta as a furniture builder of the highest quality.

As a young man in the 1970s, Fred Mortensen, Jr. observed large, out of town woodwork companies that were providing pre-finished custom architectural woodwork to the very clients that purchased their furniture pieces from Mortensen Furniture. As Mr. Mortensen, Jr. considered this fact, he also considered that his father’s company possessed all of the skills and knowledge to produce this kind of work in Atlanta. Gradually, over the next several years, Mortensen Furniture began adding architectural woodwork to their mix of products until it became clear that Mortensen Furniture was really Mortensen Woodwork. After many years of growth through the 1980s and 1990s, Mortensen Woodwork now produces over $40 million per year of architectural woodwork and furniture.

Mortensen Woodwork maintains in excess of 200,000 square feet of manufacturing facilities that produce a wide range of architectural woodwork and custom furniture. The corporate offices, engineering, and project management offices are located in Union City, GA.

Mortensen Woodwork markets its services to Architects, Interior Designers, General Contractors, Real Estate Developers, and Owners. In addition to the wide variety of projects that we undertake, we also offer a wide range of related services to help our clients be successful. The services range from material procurement assistance, particularly with respect to exotic veneers, conceptual and budget estimates, scheduling assistance, and the ability to produce a mock-up or model of anything you desire. Please ask about these the next time you talk to one of our representatives.