by Lauren Quinn Halmann | Post and Images Originally Posted 20 Jan 2021 on

For over a century, televisions and radios have arguably functioned as the hearth of the American home. Aptly headquartered in Washington, D.C., the National Association of Broadcasters exists to preserve and protect the history and interests of broadcast makers and appreciators. NAB’s new office—complete with views of the Capitol dome—is a multipurpose space with ample room to host educational events, enabling visitors to take in the history of the industry. 

Emily Owsley, Rebecca Kelly, and Matthew Rohr, respectively senior designer, creative lead, and project manager at Hickok Cole, aimed to bridge the history of the broadcast industry with media’s current, immediate iteration. “The design was very much inspired by the mid-century aesthetic but reinterpreted in modern way,” Owsley shares, referencing the dark walnut wood and geometric panels that punctuate various rooms throughout the office. Additionally, allusions to broadcast iconography from years past fill every corner, creating a tribute to NAB’s day-to-day work. 

The team at Hickok Cole worked with the clients and an independent art consultant to find pieces that honor the NAB’s mission and location. Photography by Garett Rowland.
The canted edges of the Hall of Fame display reference the broadcast boxes popular in the last century. Photography by Garett Rowland.
The Hickok Cole team worked to maximize the natural sunlight that comes into the office while adhering to the height limitations for Washington, D.C. buildings. Photography by Garett Rowland.
Each floor features color-coded signs to help guide visitors through the space. Photography by Garett Rowland.
On the ninth floor, the communal café is next to the outdoor terrace; it was priority for NAB employees to have communal outdoor space to gather. Photography by Garett Rowland.
A wall covered to look like the iconic test screen made with different shades of grey. Photography by Garett Rowland.
A dynamic entrance lobby greets guests with views overlooking the city’s Navy Yard. Photography by Garett Rowland.
A high-capacity, multipurpose room is used for large gatherings and presentations, resolving the need to rent space from hotel ballrooms. Photography by Garett Rowland.
Even the restroom signs depict broadcast details. Photography by Garett Rowland.